Experience the Benefits of Cannabis Without the “High”

A little CBD education:

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    Hemp and Marijuana are both forms of Cannabis
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    Cannabis that is rich in THC (the part that makes people high) is Marijuana
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    Cannabis with low or no THC at all is called Hemp
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    Several health-enhancing compounds can be found in each
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    Highly Amazing’s CBD Oils are made from Hemp and contain both Terpines and Cannabinoids
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    Enjoy your improved health without any intoxication
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    CBD Oil is vegan, gluten-free, organic
health benefits of cbd oil
pets benefiting from cbd

Benefits for pets:

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    Healthy Skin, Coat, and Appetite
  • paw print cbd oil for pets
    Anxiety, disposition, and sleep
  • paw print cbd oil for pets
    Pain, arthritis, and seizures

Cannabidiol (CBD) is naturally found in cannabis among a plethora of other cannabinoids. It is the center of a whole lot of research because of all of it’s various health and medical uses. The therapeutic properties alone of CBD have caught mainstream attention over the last few years, but even more so because this particular compound is also non-psychoactive, which means that it doesn’t come with the “high” that is normally a part of cannabis use.  This makes CBD a safe and effective choice for people who are worried about experiencing any mind-altering effects, such as those associated with other cannabinoids, like THC.  As such, CBD oils are known to offer a variety of health benefits that can potentially improve your quality of life.

6 Common Purposes for Using CBD Oils

cbd oil for pain

1. Pain

While the cause of chronic pain is not always identifiable, it is often likely to stem from problems with the brain chemicals that exist to alleviate pain while your body recovers from the effects of injuries or illnesses. Qualified research implies that the way CBD oil works is by interactions with the receptors in your immune system and brain. As small proteins, these receptors are attached to cells which receive chemical-based signals coming from various stimuli, that in turn helps generate a response from the cells. This reaction generates pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects, meaning that CBD oil can help people who deal with a variety of health issues and the chronic pain that comes with them. Studies have consistently found that people who live with chronic pain caused by such ailments as arthritis, back problems, fibromyalgia, etc. are experiencing very noticeable relief with CBD oil, when the usual painkillers are not working any longer. What’s more, research has also indicated the CBD has no negative effects on vital parts of the body, such as the liver, kidney, and stomach, like many of today’s prescribed or over the counter medications.

cbd oil for arthritis

2. Arthritis

A condition marked by inflammation of the joints, arthritis causes joint stiffness and pain in the approximately 350 million people around the world who live with it.  Many arthritis sufferers are now opting to use CBD Oil for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, because many of the conventional medications that are available for arthritis are not always effective, and some of them are even associated with negative side effects.  If you suffer from one of the many different types of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis, you will want to consider CBD as a way to find relief.

cbd oils for seizures

3. Seizures

A number of high profile seizure cases has brought awareness to the anti-seizure properties of CBD, and science has been able to provide confirmation of this through some recent studies. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that explored the effects of CBD in people with Dravet syndrome, which is a rare kind of epilepsy that brings on fever-induced seizures in a population of mostly young people. In this trial, it was reported that those who used CBD saw the frequency of their seizures drop by a median of 38.9 percent. In light of all this positive results, the FDA has approved CBD products for seizures.

cbd oil for cancer

4. Cancer

CBD oil can be a valuable aid in cancer treatment in a number of different ways, according to ample sources of credible research. CBD, along with other compounds that are found in cannabis have shown an antitumor effect, and can amplify tumor cell death in both leukemia and colon cancer. Additional investigations reveal CBD being utilized to stop the spread of cervical cancer cells.  These finding are very promising, but it also needs to be pointed out that the vast majority of the studies on the effects of CBD in cancer treatment are pre-clinical, so they can not yet officially be construed as conclusive evidence that CBD can cure cancer. When it comes to cancer, it is best to explore a number of treatment options, which should include, but not be limited to CBD.

cbd oil for diabetes

5. Diabetes

Another health benefit that has been associated with CBD oil, is how it can reduce people’s risk of developing diabetes. A neuropharmacology study recently published, documents researchers setting out to explore the effects that CBD could have on female mice that were non-obese, yet diabetes-prone. While 32 percent of the mice receiving CBD were diagnosed with diabetes, it was a great comparison to the non-CBD treated mice of which 100 percent received a diabetes diagnosis.

cbd oil for anxiety

6. Anxiety

In addition to treating a myriad of physiological symptoms, there has been a lot of studies and research to support the belief that CBD can also be utilized in the therapy of anxiety, and various other mental health conditions. In a recent university research study, it was discovered that the use of CBD reduces subjective anxiety significantly, which has led researchers to form the conclusion that “results suggest that CBD reduces anxiety in [social anxiety disorder] and that this is related to its effects on activity in limbic and paralimbic brain areas.”

These are just a handful of the many ways that CBD Oil can provide a potential benefit to your health, and bring relief for a wide range of health conditions.  Highly Amazing is dedicated to continue gaining education on the benefits to society that CBD offers, and providing additional examples of the many ways our customers enjoy the positive effects of our CBD oils.

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